Understanding Tramadol Withdrawal – Is Tramadol an Opioid?

Is Tramadol an opioid?

What does Tramadol Treat?

Tramadol can also be termed as a narcotic-like pain killer. It simply means that Tramadol dosage is used to treat pain in a human body that can be mild, moderate, or severe. The other name for Tramadol is Ultram. You may also say that Ultram is the brand name for the generic drug Tramadol. There are chances of Tramadol withdrawal when a person suddenly stops the use of the drug.

This drug comes in the extended-release form as well that should be taken for around the clock treatment of pain. This tablet shall not be taken directly by the person, get the consultation from the doctor, and then use the drug for pain relief.

Is Tramadol an Opioid?

Tramadol works similar to an opioid analgesic that is sometimes also called a narcotic drug. This drug, Tramadol, is widely prescribed for pain medication as it is safer than OxyContin and does not cause any harm if taken cautiously. However, being on the safer side for use, Tramadol is strong and effective at the same time. It depends on the suffering and the dosage as to how much amount of drug your body is in need of.

An opioid drug has the tendency to be habit-forming on a person’s health. Therefore, Tramadol classification is done under the group of drugs called opioid analgesic. The patients are advised to follow their doctor’s advice in the case to avoid Tramadol withdrawal symptoms.  Only then start with the use of Tramadol or Ultram.

Tramadol Ingredients –

The ingredients that are present in a Tramadol capsule depend on the dosage that the person opts for. It is considered best if you take the dosage for Tramadol after talking to your doctor about the symptoms that you may have come across. The active ingredient in a Tramadol capsule is Tramadol Hydrochloride. Being an active ingredient, Tramadol Hydrochloride is the basic content of the drug.

The other ingredients that are present in Tramadol are –

  • microcrystalline starch
  • magnesium stearate
  • pregelatinized starch

The shell of the capsule consists of –

  • iron oxide
  • gelatin
  • titanium oxide
  • and indigo carmine.

The ink that is printed on the drug contains –

  • shellac glaze
  • iron oxide black
  • propylene glycol.

What is Tramadol Injection?

Tramadol is not just available in the form of tablet and capsules but also in the form of injections. Usually, when a person purchases Tramadol injection, then it is because the doctor must have advised the patient to use it for better relief from pain. Tramadol Hydrochloride injection of 50mg/ml is not a suitable form of pain treatment for patients who are opioid dependent. Tramadol withdrawal symptoms may develop once you have started taking the drug in more than the required amount. People may also not know that Tramadol withdrawal may cause side effects that will be injurious to your health.

Tramadol Interactions –

Tramadol can interact with other drugs that may result in dangerous side effects. Some of the reactions may also cause fatal health issues. It may cause a problem in breathing and other respiratory issues as well. Inform your doctor if you suffer from heart problems or other severe disease and taking the medication for it simultaneously.

Below there are some of the medicinal interactions that are visible in patients using Tramadol for pain relief –

  • Tramadol may react with medicines for the cold or other allergic reactions.
  • Interaction with medicines for overactive bladder, motion sickness, and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Tramadol might also react with narcotic medicines (those helpful in treating cough).
  • Sedatives like alprazolam, diazepam, Klonopin, etc.
  • Insomnia treatment Pills.
  • Medicines that help in maintaining the serotonin level in the symptoms of – serious infections, nausea, headaches, and vomiting.

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