Tramadol Addiction – Is Tramadol a Narcotic?

Tramadol Addiction

What is a Narcotic?

When you refer to narcotic in simple terms, it is an addictive drug that is responsible for affecting mood and behavior of a person. Most people consider narcotics as a category of drug that is illegal to be sold in the market due to its high sleep-inducing content. One of the most abused narcotic drugs is heroin. There have been results where this drug (heroin) helps to give relief pain. However, taking it directly will affect your health. Tramadol addiction has, however, been a topic of discussion for a long time now. How Wikipedia explains Narcotic can be seen here.

Prescription medicines are often not openly talked about therefore, resulting in the constant confusion in the minds of people.  We have discussed tramadol addiction in other posts as well. We’ll see about it as the post progresses as well.

Tramadol is also a narcotic drug that can also be termed as an opioid. It is so because the work of narcotic is the same as an opioid medication. People often take Tramadol for pain as it is one of the best medicines that are safe to use and also equally effective on the human system. Tramadol warnings are given when a person overdose on the drug. It acts as a pain reliever when a person suffers from acute to severe pain in the body.

Does Tramadol Show Up in Drug Test?

Yes, Tramadol is delectable in the drug test for a certain time period. It differs that at what level does the drug helps up in the body. Tramadol can be detected in the urine test for almost three to four days. In the blood test, it is detected for up to 24 hours or so. Generally, the drug does not show up as positive for an opiate drug test that might be done for employment purpose. However, it will show up when detected on a prescription drug test report.  Tramadol side effects often are misread as a possible sign of reaction to tramadol addiction. Although, it is not true.

When people take Tramadol addiction high in order to get in an environment that will numb their feelings for a while, they should the harmful effect that the drug may cause. Taking Tramadol without its prescription will damage the internal system to a lot extent. Tramadol can also be addictive at times when taken in more amounts. You should be careful while using Tramadol for pain as the drug may cause certain side effects that will lay a negative impact on your health.

What is Tramadol Addiction?

People not very often suffer from Tramadol addiction; it can only be seen if the person takes the dose more than the prescribed value. Just like any other drug from the narcotics family, Tramadol to has habit-forming potential. Over time, when the brain becomes habitual of receiving the chemicals from the drug, it is called an addiction to Tramadol. When people rely more on Tramadol to get relief from pain, the more tolerance your body will acquire for the drug. As a result, higher the dose of a drug that will make a person addicted to the use of it.

How is Neuropathy treatment associated with Tramadol?

Before we tell you about Neuropathy treatment and its association with Tramadol, let us inform you what Neuropathy is and its symptoms. A Neuropathy pain is different from the pain that normally takes place in your body.

Neuropathic pain is a syndrome under which you will face the following symptoms –

  • Burning sensations in the body
  • Abnormal sensitivity to normal pain-free stimuli
  • High sensitivity to a painful stimuli

There can be other factors that may cause neuropathic pain. But, certainly, nerve damage is the only common factor that will lead to Neuropathic Pain.

There was research done on the treatments that can be done while using Tramadol. It was then signified that Tramadol helps in reducing the Neuropathic pain in a human body. There have been studies that say – Tramadol is a reliable drug when talking in terms of Neuropathy syndrome. However, there have been studies that also say that there is not much evidence about the quality treatment with the help of Tramadol. Furthermore, there are trials going on that will suggest us if Tramadol is useful in the management of Neuropathic pain in the human body.

How Can Tramadol Dosage be Controlled?

Due to the high usage of Tramadol for a purpose not prescribed by the doctor, this drug now comes under the Controlled Substance Act. This rule has been applied in the whole of the United States. Tramadol dosage is controlled by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) in the US. It was done so that the misuse of the drug is reduced and people should only buy Tramadol when they need it after consulting the doctor.

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