Shipping Policy

We offer special attention to product’s shipping on time as our efficient delivery of the products has been one of the primary reasons we have come so far in this field and are still here as one of the reputed online medical pharmacies. We do our deliveries with shared networking in association with USPS, FedEx, DHL services, etc., to provide overnight delivery of your medicine; till the following afternoon.

We offer special discounts or free shipping from time to time as per our shipping strategy. Manually, you can keep an eye on such developments. You should subscribe to our mailing facility on the site to get notifications regarding such running promotions. There is no need to attain any purchase limit to avail free shipping available for the customers from time to time and typically in the festival seasons as sales are at peak by then.

Usually, we ship via FedEx the same day and FedEx overnight delivery. However, we also provide DHL and UPS shipping services wherever required to deliver your medicine at the earliest date possible. We guarantee speedy delivery. You can keep track of such things by regularly paying a visit to our site or subscribing to our mail service, wherein we keep updating about any such discounts. You will receive delivery proof and an automated shipment confirmation mail along with a tracking ID once we accomplish your order’s processing.